Hey, I have a hp 8460p, with an i7 1° gen, quadro 3000m and 8 gigs. But lately I have been having a lot of performance issues. I clean and reapply paste regurarly, I also use a base to keep it from overheating when using heavier applications, yet when playing some games, I noticed that my gpu is using 100% 3d when it used to use only 50%. Also the cpu graph is a lot more spiky than it used to be. It always was spiky, but now there a lot of high spikes with big drops. In addition, sometimes it warm up a lot, to the point where I have to take it of my lap, with nothing open, just on idle. It used to heat only when displaying 1080p+ resolutions.

I tried using some free antivirus and did twice a whole microsoft antivirus scan but nothing. Watching the task manager in the background, I see that some windows applications using 5 to 10% gpu, and the same can be said for the cpu.

So are there any magical free program that can help me? (my currency is s***)

Beyond doind a clean install, is there any other solution? I have about 50 gigs of songs, 76 of books and about 80 of steam games. And I don’t want to reconfigure it all again, add all extensions one by one, downloading and configuring some programs such as flux, pdfx lite, libre office and notion

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