Trade Your Duplicate Cards For Exciting Spins
trade cards for spins
Cards For chests

Trade Your Duplicate cards for exciting spins? Sound Interesting isn’t it.You need to open chests to collect rare cards.Every coin master players have lots of duplicate cards but what is the use of these cards?

Here’s How You Can Trade Your Duplicate Cards For Exciting Spins?

-Click on Cards set
-Then Click On Trade cards event
-There are three types of “Cards For Chests”.Every chests have different rewards.
  1. *75 – Chance to win 4x cards,10-100 spins,300-3k pet xp.
  2. *750 – Chance to win 6x cards,50-500 spins and 1.5k-15k pet xp.
  3. *3000 –  Chance to win 8x cards,100-1k spins,1 pet snack and 6k-60k pet xp.
Using this trick,you can collect spins in exchange of duplicate cards.You can also collect coin master free spin on our blogspot blog.
Note:Cards Trade will not decrease your game.So trade your duplicate cards for exciting spins.
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