A few days ago, Windows Defender flagged the update .exe file for a piece of open source software I use as a Trojan. The developer says this was a false positive. Today, another piece of open source software I occasionally use started behaving strangely – as soon as I opened the app, it would close immediately. I uninstalled it, downloaded the installer for the most recent version, and ran it through VirusTotal – VirusTotal flagged something in that update as malware as well (Bkav Pro – W32.AIDetect.malware1).

Generally speaking I think I’m very safe when it comes to this sort of thing. I scan almost every new file before opening it, I have Malwarebytes pro running real time, I don’t visit shady websites and have hardened Firefox, when I use open source apps I try to only use at least semi-popular ones, etc. I’ve never had a problem with updates for software I use and trust getting flagged as malware, and now it’s happened twice in the past week.

Even though these are likely false positives, I still feel hesitant to install the updates. Is it common to get malware from software updates? I always thought this was one of the less likely ways to get malware, so I never worried too much about it.

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