I wanted to get this out on the internet somewhere because it took too long to figure this one out. In retrospect, it was silly that I didn’t put it together.

The “Site Blocker” extension for Chrome and possibly the corresponding addon for Firefox (I presume–same logo and updated around the same time) is adware. I was getting a popup when I went to certain sites like Doordash, Audible, and Dominos. The websites it would send me to were very strange: flowerandgardenideas.com, something called “barls”, and then just your run-of-the-mill random-character URLs. Once its opened, it redirects several times and then shows you the basic Google homepage. After maybe 10-15 seconds, it closes. This made it very hard–but not impossible–to do network logging.

It also started branching out into search engine redirects, which is either taking a step toward something more serious or flying way past it.

Anyway, to remove it, just go to the extension’s page on the Chrome store, please give it a negative review first (it has to be installed for this step in Chrome), remove it, and select “report for abuse.” Put in the report that it is popping up adware and that it’s doing search engine redirection.

If you are using the Firefox version and you’re not having either of these problems, it might be a case of thievery. Speaking of which…

The Chrome extension is NOT to be confused with this one. Apparently, this developer was copied, he called attention to the problem in their reviews, and they retaliated with several 1-star reviews in a row. That being said, I haven’t been using it very long, so something might end up appearing later. I’ll update this post if it does.

Finally, some 3:30am ramblings because I think this is pretty funny now: you might be wondering “if you got network activity captured in Chrome, why didn’t you figure it out?” Because I was using this damn extension to block the very websites it was popping up. So it would pop up an ad from the extension and then get blocked by the same extension. This means it just showed up as a ton of extension calls and I didn’t think much of it. Silly of me, in hindsight, considering I disabled or removed like 10 extensions first.

Hopefully this helps someone. Let me know if you have questions.

TL;DR: Don’t use this extension called Site Blocker. It is adware.

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