The German ministry for education and science (BMBF) has published a study
in which it puts forward a Chinese-style social credit system for Germany.

A translated quote from the long version on an official BMBF (the
web site's design is atrocious, trying to find the information is quite

  “Highly controversial at the beginning, the bonus point system is largely
  accepted in the 2030s.  It establishes new norms in everyday life that
  were not possible before.  The participatory development of the rules also
  ensures greater acceptance among the population. Approval of the bonus
  system is growing, particularly in view of the increasing dynamics of
  climate change. A point-based evaluation, for example, the of ecological
  footprint—helps to make the polluter-pays principle transparent.''

Participation in the point system would be voluntary in the sense that not
participating would bring very real drawbacks. Another quote:

  “The bonus system is also helpful for the labor market, which continues
  to suffer from a shortage of skilled workers. system is helpful. It helps
  to identify qualification potential and efficiently organize the spatial
  mobility of the workforce.''

So, not participating would lead to lower chances of getting a job.

China is explicitly mentioned as a role model.

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