[For the entire history of the ACM Risks Forum, we have sought integrity
  and trustworthiness in scientific and engineering efforts, and what we
  might be able to do to ensure it.  This may be first government RFI to be
  included in RISKS, but it seems to be exactly in our wheelhouse.  I
  believe our International audience might want to respond, as well as those
  in the U.S.  PGN]

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) seeks
information by 28 July 2021 to help improve the effectiveness of Federal
scientific integrity policies to enhance public trust in science. The
January 27, 2021 Presidential Memorandum on Restoring Trust in Government
Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking (Memorandum)
directs OSTP to convene an inter-agency task force under the National Science
and Technology Council to review the effectiveness of policies developed
since the issuance of the Presidential Memorandum on scientific integrity
issued on March 9, 2009 in preventing improper political interference in the
conduct of scientific research and the collection of data; preventing the
suppression or distortion of findings, data, information, conclusions, or
technical results; supporting scientists and researchers of all genders,
races, ethnicities, and backgrounds; and advancing the equitable delivery of
the Federal Government's programs. To support this assessment, OSTP seeks
information about: (1) The effectiveness of Federal scientific integrity
policies and needed areas of improvement; (2) good practices Federal
agencies could adopt to improve scientific integrity, including in the
communication of scientific information, addressing emerging technologies
and evolving scientific practices, supporting professional development of
Federal scientists, and promoting transparency in the implementation of
agency scientific integrity policies; and (3) other topics or concerns that
Federal scientific integrity policies should address. Please note the
purpose of this RFI is not to receive reports on alleged offenses that are
in violation of Federal scientific integrity policies. If you have witnessed
or experienced any harmful acts that may undermine scientific integrity and
you would like to report these allegations, please contact the Scientific
Integrity Officer or Office of the Inspector General at the relevant Federal


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