What could explain how someone managed to identify 50 of my disposable/throwaway reddit accounts, despite the fact that I used random names, no email for registration, posted in different subreddits, utilised varied writing styles, and even tried to mislead with false information on posts? Despite this, the alleged hacker was always able to locate it. I clean installed and reset my PC, ran every antivirus programme available, and the only thing that worked in the past was VPN, so I’m wondering if it’s a network issue?

Also last year, I joined a random Among Us lobby, and the hacker also joined. 3 years ago, the hacker also found my ad on Kjiji out of the blue, found my YouTube, Twitter, and I also learned about some new interests from a friend on Discord chat, and then the hacker also somehow knew about it and then started doing the same thing. I’m not tech savvy at all, so I’m completely clueless what’s happening, it seems like my PC or device is being monitored or tracked somehow, being covertly surveillance 24/7. I only use my PC to browse, watch, socialize, study and play video games, I’m not a computer person. Over the span of these years, I switched PC, switched internet, so how is that even possible? I also don’t recall clicking on any bad links or downloaded anything that this individual may have tried.

*I downloaded windows media tool on infected PC to USB, I was told to do that on another PC that’s clean, but I did scan the USB over and over, found nothing, then I proceeded to clean install. What are the chances that the USB got infected? This virus must be sophisticated if it has done so.

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