Could Python Overtake C and Java as the Most Popular Programming Language?
The TIOBE index of programming language popularity celebrates 20 years of continuous publishing this month. Started as a hobbyist project back in 2001, the site estimates each programming language’s popularity by counting search engine results for the phrase <language> programming (indirectly counting each listing for developers, courses, and third-party vendors).

When it was started 20 years ago, the top languages were Java, C, and C++.

20 years later, the top languages are now C, Java, Python, and C++

And “The difference between position 1 and position 3 is only 0.67%.”

This means that the next few months will be exciting. What language is going to win this battle? Python seems to have the best chances to become number 1, thanks to its market leadership in the booming field of data mining and artificial intelligence.
ZDNet also noted the trends:
Searches for C were down 4.83 percentage points compared to last July. Java searches were down 3.93% over the period, while Python gained 1.86%.
The top 10 languages behind C, Java and Python are C++, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript, PHP, Assembly Language, and SQL.

But they also have this to say about TIOBE’s calculations:
It’s a different methodology to developer analyst RedMonk, which looks at language usage on software projects hosted on GitHub and discussions on the developer Q&A site, Stack Overflow.

RedMonk’s Q1 2021 rankings place JavaScript in top place, followed by Python and Java.

Other interesting moves this month:

C++ gained more than 0.5% getting closer to the top 3Rust rose from #30 to #27Go rose from #20 to #13TypeScript rose from #45 to #37Haskellrose rose from #49 to #39

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