After Apple’s ‘App Tracking Transparency’, Advertisers Spent More Money Targeting Android Users
Earlier this year in April Apple started mandating “App Tracking Transparency,” which gives users a choice about whether they can be tracked across app.

Now tlhIngan (Slashdot reader #30,335) writes:
The numbers are in and a number of ad companies are reporting lowered iOS spending, but 10% or more increases in Android ad spending. The complaint is, of course, that without the granular data they used to get from tracking it’s no longer worth spending on iOS ads.
Interestingly, only about 66% of users have actually denied tracking.

That’s based on early data from the ad-measurement firm Branch Metrics (as reported by The Wall Street Journal ). MacRumors write:

As a result, the amount of advertiser spending on Apple’s mobile platform has fallen by about one-third between June 1 and July 1, while spending on Android rose over 10% for the same month, according to ad-measurement firm Tenjin Inc…

Without proper user tracking, advertisers have significantly less data about a user’s interests, preferences, and more. Advertisers and companies, such as Facebook, use that data to compile a profile of a user. The type of data collected from tracking helps advertisers to ensure that their ads are being targeted to potential customers. [According to ad-measurement firm Tenjin Inc], “The shortage of user data to fuel Facebook Inc.’s suite of powerful ad-targeting tools reduces their effectiveness and appeal among some advertisers, ad agencies say.”

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