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what do mean by kali Linux ?

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution that is specialized for cybersecurity. It is an open-source product that involves a lot of customization for penetration testing, which helps companies to understand their vulnerabilities.

Kali Linux is based on the Debian Linux distribution, and runs on a wide spectrum of devices. Its open-source build means that it is free and legal to use in a wide range of enterprise scenarios.

While many experts recommend against Kali Linux for beginners, those who are interested in cybersecurity often benefit from using this specific Linux distribution. Kali Linux offers single root user design as a way to handle privileges, and users can disable network services by default. That is helpful for the penetration testing and data forensics that can be used to determine a company’s weak points in a risk mitigation project.


Learning kali Linux form Basic to Advance stage -ICSS


Feature of kali Linux

1 A Live System

Alongside the main installer ISO images, Kali Linux offers a separate live ISO image to download. This allows you to use Kali Linux as a bootable live system. In other words, you can use Kali Linux without installing it, just by booting the ISO image (usually after having copied the image onto a USB key).

2 Forensics Mode

In general, when doing forensic work on a system, you want to avoid any activity that would alter the data on the analyzed system in any way. Unfortunately, modern desktop environments tend to interfere with this objective by trying to auto-mount any disk(s) they detect. To avoid this behavior, Kali Linux has a forensics mode that can be enabled from the boot menu: it will disable all such features.

3 A Custom Linux Kernel

Kali Linux always provides a customized recent Linux kernel, based on the version in Debian Unstable. This ensures solid hardware support, especially for a wide range of wireless devices. The kernel is patched for wireless injection support since many wireless security assessment tools rely on this feature.

4 Usable on a Wide Range of ARM Devices

Kali Linux provides binary packages for the armel, armhf, and arm64 ARM architectures. Thanks to the easily installable images provided by Offensive Security, Kali Linux can be deployed on many interesting devices, from smartphones and tablets to Wi-Fi routers and computers of various shapes and sizes.

5 A Trustable Operating System

Users of a security distribution rightfully want to know that it can be trusted and that it has been developed in plain sight, allowing anyone to inspect the source code. Kali Linux is developed by a small team of knowledgeable developers working transparently and following the best security practices: they upload signed source packages, which are then built on dedicated build daemons. The packages are then checksummed and distributed as part of a signed repository.

6 Completely Customizable

Kali Linux is built by penetration testers for penetration testers, but we understand that not everyone will agree with our design decisions or choice of tools to include by default. With this in mind, we always ensure that Kali Linux is easy to customize based on your own needs and preferences. To this end, we publish the live-build configuration used to build the official Kali images so you can customize it to your liking

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