I’ve run (1) a full system scan with Windows Defender, (2) an offline scan with Windows defender, (3) a full scan with Malwarebytes pro, (4) a full scan with HitmanPro, (5) a full scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner, and (6) a full scan with Microsoft’s malware removal tool. All have come back clean. Can I safely assume my machine isn’t infected?

I had a brush with a supposed Trojan infection via a software update (I’ve read some accounts from people who got it the same way saying it’s a false positive) and can’t shake this feeling that I’m not safe. I’m afraid that Windows Defender didn’t properly deal with the threat if it was legitimate, and that a Trojan has been messing With Windows Defender. My Defender event logs and protection history (related to attack surface reduction rules) from the past 24 hours look atypical and suspicious to me, but I acknowledge that I don’t have the expertise to really know what is and isn’t unusual. I have no idea if I’m reading into things, and probably have some sort of malware-phobia…

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