The world is changing. Companies now employ a distributed enterprise, extending from campus headquarters to employees’ home offices. However, as enterprises integrate this change, traditional WAN architectures hinder workload migration to the cloud, whilst also impacting productivity levels of remote employees, who are consuming more SaaS-based applications than ever before. To overcome this tremendous challenge, users are leveraging VMware and Google’s combined solution: Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE).

A better way to ascend to the cloud

Cloud-hosted apps require a cloud-ready networking fabric, which is built to meet the demands placed on enterprise IT when pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy. To satisfy these requirements, VMware and Google are partnering to provide network access that’s secure, reliable, and efficient for users connecting to workloads and applications hosted on GCVE. The VMware SD-WAN™ integration with GCVE enables enterprise IT to accelerate workload migration from data centers to the cloud, delivering a seamless experience to users consuming cloud-hosted apps, no matter their location.

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