Dijk et al. presents Remote Attestation (RA) for secure processor technology which is secure in the presence of an All Digital State Observing (ADSO) adversary. The scheme uses a combination of hardware security primitives and design principles together with a new cryptographic primitive called a Public Key Session based One-Time Signature Scheme with Secret Key Exposure (OTS-SKE). Dijk et al. show a hash based realization of OTS-SKE which is post quantum secure but suffers long $8.704$ KB signatures for 128-bit quantum security or 256-bit classical security. From a classical cryptographic perspective we complete the picture by introducing a bilinear map based OTS-SKE with short $0.125$ KB signatures, $65$ times shorter, and for which the security reduces to the Computational Diffie-Hellman Problem (CDHP) — at the cost of a $9times$ longer initialization phase in the RA scheme if implemented in software (this can be improved with appropriate elliptic curve hardware acceleration). Signing takes 560 ms at most $60%$ of the $>936$ ms needed for the hash based scheme.

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