0 Million ‘Palace On Rails’ Luxury Train Concept Unveiled
French designer Thierry Gaugain, known for his impressive yacht designs, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ 80-meter vessel Venus, is conceptualizing a $350 million luxury train “envisioned for one unique owner,” says Gaugain. CNN reports: Described as a luxurious “palace on rails,” the 400-meter long train will be made of 14 cars and glass so technologically advanced that it can switch from opaque to complete transparency. Gaugain feels that travel has become more focused on speed than the actual journey, and he sees the G Train as a mode of transportation where those on board can have just as much, if not more, fun on the way to their chosen destination. “Travel is not about speed,” he says. “It’s about taking the time, because time is the only treasure we have.”

And it’s not just the exterior of the train that can be transformed at the flick of a switch, passengers can also change “the interior ambiance of the train in whichever section they are.” If they want to ensure the outdoor surroundings, they can switch to transparent mode, but if they want to create their own views, they can change the glass to opaque and create pretty much any view they want. “The train is a stage,” explains Gaugain. “You can change the light, the season or the pace in order to change your relationship to time.” He has yet to find a customer and admits he may need to find “someone as crazy” as himself to buy the train. It will likely be at a cost of around $350 million and the project will take at least two and a half years to build.

With space for around 18 overnight guests, the G Train is set to run at 160 kilometers per hour and will be adapted to run on railways across the Americas and Europe. The G Train can be split into two if those onboard decide they want to go off in different directions. Passengers enter via the welcome hall at the center of the train, which leads to its main residential area that includes the owner’s accommodation and entertainment space, as well as an area for special guests, a social room, as well as Grand Salon that’s specifically designed for receptions. Guests will also have access to a “secret” garden, while the wings of the train can be folded down to devise alfresco terraces, where parties can be held, or even onboard concerts.

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