I am no tech expert or what and i myself have some quite severe anxiety and paranoia and i am the type of poeple that always overthink of something

Recently i uploaded some files to virusTotal and i am afraid that i have accidentally uploaded some confidetial files to virustotal.i accidentally put it in the file slot but did not upload it,i contacted their support asking how to check if the files are uploaded or not.They replied me that i can check it by checking the hash of the file.i checked it and it seems that no such files were uploaded.

but i am still paranoid perhaps that the confidential files were uploaded but with different hash

Are there by any chance that the files were uploaded by with different hash?

fyi: i did not convert the confidential files to any other format and i just rename it for me to easily check the hash using powershell and i have learnt that chaning name will not change the hash of the file

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