With a lineage dating back to 2010, when it first began to offer cloud computing services, AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd (formerly Integrated Global Solutions Technologies Sdn Bhd) today is at the forefront of the growing and rapidly accelerating transition to a software-defined approach in Malaysia. We recently caught up with Kenny Lim Chief Technology Officer of AVM Cloud and a co-founder of Integrated Solutions Technologies, to learn what he sees driving the shift to the cloud, and what it means to be VMware Cloud Verified.

“Over the past decade we established ourselves and proved that we’re on par with the world’s leading cloud service providers,” says Lim “Today we have more than 200 corporate customers and more than 250 cloud tenants that utilize our private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions and services. And the appetite for the capabilities and cost savings the cloud makes possible is driving more growth than ever. It’s hard to believe that we began to deliver cloud services just over a decade ago, but that of course is a worldwide phenomenon. I think we can all remember a time just a few years ago when it was debated whether it was pertinent and proper to keep mission-critical data in the cloud. That is no longer a question.”

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