A different post you might enjoy. OMFGFIN window keeps opening.
A different post you might enjoy. OMFGFIN window keeps opening.

Hey, I have a bit of a problem and can’t find a solution anywhere. You guys may know an answer for this. Basically, I just reinstalled my gpu after getting a replacement and I keep getting a window open from sm.omgfin.com, on chrome. I have never had this happen before and it keeps refreshing to different links of the same domain. I have attached a picture of the window itself and my browser history. I had to use my pc without a gpu for a while, and after a few months it started running super slow, even slower than my cheap laptop which should never happen. Apps that required a gpu wouldn’t open even though the cpu has integrated graphics and the same apps were able to run on the much slower laptop. Anyone in the know of what this is? My guess is that my gpu is being used to mine but I can’t find answers anywhere. The cpu is a i5 8600k and gpu is a rtx 2060. I’ll add a little bit of background in case that may help:

Basically, my parents live in another country and wanted me to visit them due to COVID, since everything was online. I knew I would be going for a few months at least so I took my whole PC with me. (Yes, it was a pain packing it in a carton/box) I took the gpu out and put it in its box which was safely placed in my luggage. All the other parts were still in the pc. So, on the day I arrived at my parent’s place I put the gpu back in and tried to boot, but it just wouldn’t work. The gpu died somehow, even though it had the most protection. So I was stuck with a pc without a gpu for months. Half-way through the stay, my brother had to go back for work related reasons, so he took the gpu with him and after a few weeks got evga to send a replacement. Its also worth mentioning that my pc was running really weird, super slow compared to usual ( I had been using the pc without a gpu when I first got it in late 2018, so I’m comparing it to that and not what it was running like with the gpu) The pc would randomly freeze at times and stopped opening some apps, which said there was something wrong with the graphics even though it has integrated graphics in the chip, and should’ve been able to run the apps. I saw this because my cheapo laptop with an integrated gpu was able to run these apps, yet my pc wasn’t, which even without a gpu should’ve been miles faster. The apps that wouldn’t open were obs and some editing software. They were working in the first few months, but mid way through, they randomly stopped working. My guess is that someone started using my pc for mining, which is why those apps wouldn’t open, because I think my cpu’s gpu was being utilized already and couldn’t be allocated in a high percentage to the apps. Anyhow, I arrived a few days ago, put the replacement gpu (which booted and works fine) and am now seeing these weird windows open. I have run Bitdefender full scan, which showed nothing related to it neither stopped the windows from opening. I’m going to run the Rescue Environment in the night and see if it can detect anything, since its meant to be more thorough. If anyone has any clue to what this is, please let me know.



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