Every company is already—or is fast becoming—a technology company. From simply having a website to using a digital payment system, deploying an AI-enabled chatbot or designing a self-driving car, all organizations are engaging with technology. As capabilities grow, many companies have also had to rebalance the skills they need to operate, and the labor market hasn’t been able to keep pace with this demand. As technology has advanced, diversity has retreated.

Despite all the efforts to encourage girls and women to pursue careers in technology, the statistics are still alarming.  Accenture analysis shows that while the total number of women in tech roles has increased over the past three decades—from 1.6M to 3.7M—the share of women in tech roles has declined. Shockingly, there was a higher percentage of women tech workers in 1984 (35%) than there is today (32%); women hold just 25% of computing roles across U.S. companies. They leave tech roles at a 45% higher rate than men. And in the largest 1,000 companies, fewer than one in five CIOs or CTOs are women.

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