Hi guys.

Looking for recommendations on a virus/malware scanner that is ideal for use as “On Demand” only. I would like to be able to right-click / “scan now” a particular file any time. Or run a full system scan when I choose(with option to skip certain folders/drives).

I do NOT want something that sits in the background constantly scanning every damn file that is accessed by me or the system automatically – I notice Windows Defender doing this in the background often and it is usually unnecessary overkill in my situation. I often move large amounts of files from one drive to another and SSDs are wonderful but unfortunately other than small SSDisks for operating system files only, I am stuck using slow old mechanical drives til their death. Copying/moving files from the SSD to a mechanical HDD obviously causes a huge bottle neck with the HDD at 100% write speeds from what I can see Windows is also scanning each of these files as they are written to the HDD so it slows it down even more so. I can try to turn off Windows real time protection etc and it seems to still be doing some type of scanning in the background, is difficult to fully disable, I have used Group Policy thingo to turn it off completely but would still like to have the option to do a quick scan on demand when required.

I do occasionally use sites such as VirusTotal to scan a particular file if I’m suspicious, but obviously this requires uploading the file which is not always practical.

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