I received an email from my work stating that an attached file contained important information. Upon downloading the zip file, there was a word document that needed a password implemented. I put it in and stupidly enabled editing in the document as it stated something in the words of ‘need to enable editing because the word document was made in a previous version of windows’. After my screen started freezing, it clicked all too late. Restarted my computer but I think damage was already done.

I was signed out of ebay and amazon accounts for example. But for ebay, it’s asking for credit card information to authenticate and sign in which is obviously the biggest red flag. Is there any way to figure out what the file did? I intially uploaded a copy of the file to https://www.virustotal.com/ but it didn’t pick up anything so I thought I was in the clear. I don’t know what it’s doing to my laptop but I haven’t really inputted any information other than checking sites I had bookmarked.

Please help

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