The Balloon Council, a national balloon trade group, supports efforts to
prevent balloon releases, but argues that balloon release bans are not the

“It's really people's behavior that needs to change,” Lorna O'Hara, the
council's executive director, told WAMU/DCist last year when the balloon
bill was first introduced in the Maryland legislature. “Balloons are not the

O'Hara said mass balloon releases are not nearly as common as they were in
decades past, and she credits education efforts. She said more education is
what's needed now, not a balloon release ban. “It's a slippery slope from a
release ban to banning the product altogether.”

Several other states already have some sort of balloon release ban in place,
including Virginia, which prohibits the release of more than 50 balloons
within one hour, subject to a fine of up to $5 per balloon.

Don't pick on innocent balloons, says the Balloon Council, who should
know. First they'll ban releasing balloons, then they'll register them, then
the ultimate goal—confiscating them.

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