Is it a virus or what?
Is it a virus or what?


So yesterday this popup appeared on my brother’s computer (image below). It is “Always on top” so it is always on top of the other programs running. It really seems like a virus, but I am not sure. We scanned the whole computer with Bitdefender Free and no infected files were found. The other image below shows how it is recognised in Task Manager. Also it is recognised as a program in Programs And Features (in Windows 8.1) and can be uninstalled.

My brother told me that he didn’t install anything like that, but he said that when he was downloading some Minecraft cheats (just for fun), the download process failed and after about 30 min. that popup appeared on his desktop.

Please help and tell me if this is truly a virus or not. And if so – why doesn’t Bitdefender find it?

Thank you.

^ This popup ^

^ How it is recognised in Task Manager (MarSpeedp (32 bit)) ^

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