I pressed on a link before wich I assumed to be safe since it was highly upvoted and the person seemed fine and I always assumed reddit automatically removes malware links… Stupid. However I was sent to a website which was filled with Chinese letters and phrases everywhere don’t know what they meant (it was called www. freetobe .org) (spaced it so you guys don’t accidentally press on it) wich I assume was what I was looking for. I ended up finding the actual website using the Google search bar (www. freetobe .com) The thread was a little old wich made me wonder what was wrong with the link do you think the person was trying to get me a virus or malware or was the domain name maybe changed ? And how would that work ? How likely am I to have a virus now ? Also I wasn’t redirected anywhere when on the link it was supposedly the actual site and I’m also on Amazon tablet.. I also ended up going on the website twice following the link twice as I thought originally I had gotten redirected which wasn’t the case

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