5G NR (New Radio) incorporates concepts of novel technologies such as
spectrum sharing, D2D communication, UDN, and massive MIMO. However, providing
security and identifying the security threats to these technologies occupies
the prime concern. This paper intends to provide an ample survey of security
issues and their countermeasures encompassed in the technologies of 5G NR.
Further, security concerns of each technology are defined mathematically.
Thereby defining the impact on the factors of security. Moreover, a methodology
is developed in which the influence on security due to artificially generated
rain and artificially generated dust on the wireless communication network is
studied. By doing so, an attacking scenario is identified, where a half-duplex
attack in D2D communication is attained. Half-duplex attack specifies the
attack solely on the downlink to spoof the allocated resources, with reduced
miss-rate. Thus, ultra-reliable and adequate advances are required to be
addressed to remove the obstacles that create a hindrance in achieving the
secured and authenticated communicating network

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