The IIL blog shares an informative article in using the Agile PM methodology — beyond just computer & IT projects.  Project Managers can use some of the key rapid development & adaptation techniques of Agile on non-IT projects as well.

Agile for Non-IT Projects

Agile became one of the hottest topics in the project management world, mainly due to its proven success on software projects and its ability to deliver quick and real value to customers, reduce the risks and increase collaboration between different stakeholders.  In the current turbulent and fast changing world, we need to go back to the basics, back to the reason which made agile successful which is “be Agile, be Adaptive”.

The following can work in any project and can be adopted as an organization’s philosophy to deliver fast, reduce the risks, solve the conflict between different stakeholders and clarify the requirements as we work on projects:

    • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools,
    • Business value over comprehensive documentation,
    • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and
    • Responding to change over following a plan

To successfully execute non-software projects using Agile, we can use the Agile principles to set clear expectations with stakeholders, bring sanity to project execution, and mine the benefits of Agile. While this approach may look similar to the principles followed in an Agile software delivery project, their applications are quite different when it comes to non-software projects.

    • Define “Working Product or Service” can be used to refer to any deliverable that is produced by the project and brings value to the customer.
    • Define “Customer” can help us to define who is the ‘right’ Product Owner.
    • Define ‘Done’: Work with the sponsors and product owner to identify ‘done’ for each story/deliverable.
    • Measure Business Value: Measuring or establishing the business value of the work done is key for any project.

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