Cyberware Attack Shuts Down Vehicle Emissions Testing In Georgia and Seven Other States
Georgia is waiving vehicle emissions checks because a cyberware attack has halted all emission testing across Georgia and seven other states. Slashdot reader McGruber shares a report from WSB-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Atlanta: The CEO of Applus Technologies, whose software runs the system, apologized during the emergency meeting Monday. The outages are delivering a huge blow to small business owners. “All of the sudden, we were doing emissions testing just like normal and the system just kind of shut down,” said James Baxter, who owns BP Car Care Tire Pros. “We haven’t been able to do emissions since.” Baxter said before the cyberattack, his full service automobile shop conducted more than 100 vehicle emissions tests per day. “Emissions is $25. You can imagine the revenue loss. We have employees that are out of work because of this,” he said. Last week, Georgia’s Department of Revenue issued a press release that omitted mention of the attack.

The Georgia Department of Revenue said its automated systems have been offline since March 31. According to the report, officials aren’t sure when the system will go back online. It’s also unclear if the hackers were able to access any personal information.

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