State channel network is the most popular layer-2 solution to theissues of
scalability, high transaction fees, and low transaction throughput of public
Blockchain networks. However, the existing works have limitations that curb the
wide adoption of the technology, such as the expensive creation and closure of
channels, strict synchronization between the main chain and off-chain channels,
frozen deposits, and inability to execute multi-party smart contracts. In this
work, we present Speedster, an account-based state-channel system that aims to
address the above issues. To this end, Speedster leverages the latest
development of secure hardware to create dispute-free certified channels that
can be operated efficiently off the Blockchain. Speedster is fully
decentralized and provides better privacy protection. It supports fast native
multi-party contract execution, which is missing in prior TEE-enabled channel
networks. Compared to the Lightning Network, Speedster improves the throughput
by about 10,000X and generates 97% less on-chain data with a comparable network

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Jinghui Liao</a>, <a href="">Fengwei Zhang</a>, <a href="">Wenhai Sun</a>, <a href="">Weisong Shi</a>

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