Alert possible malicious activity impacting your network.nnVerizon was notified, by a trusted third party, that they detected an attack, involving crimeware called Avalanche, originating from your network.nnDescription:nnCyber criminals utilized the Avalanche botnet infrastructure to host and distribute a variety of malware variants to victims, including the targeting of over 40 major financial institutions.nVictims may have had their sensitive personal information stolen (e.g., user account credentials). Victims??? compromised systems may also have been used to conduct other malicious activity, nsuch as launching denial-of-service (DoS) attacks or distributing malware variants to other victims??? computers.nnImpact:nnA system infected with Avalanche-associated malware may be subject to malicious activity including the theft of user credentials and other sensitive data, such as banking and credit card information.nSome of the malware had the capability to encrypt user files and demand a ransom be paid by the victim to regain access to those files. In addition, the malware may have allowed criminals unauthorizednremote access to the infected computer. Infected systems could have been used to conduct distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.nnAction:nnThe following information may be useful to you. Please note that this information is being provided as a courtesy; it has not been tested or validated by Verizon and you are solely responsible for anynchanges you make to your equipment. For further suggestions and precautions please visit remediation recommendations and further details please visit the following US CERT sites.nnDue to the large number of variants involved within the Avalanche botnet there is no single method of remediation. Please see the resources located at the US-CERT advisory site provided below.nn

I ran both Avast and Malware Bytes and nothing was detected. Not sure what steps to take next. I am running a MacBook Pro.

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