I recently got a malware disguised as shareware put a bunch folders and possibly virus on my PC. I immediately used geek to uninstall the program and checked my folders and registry. They looked clean. However, Windows Security reported a bunch virus appearing on my “Allowed” list as well as the questionable folders on “Do Not Scan” list, despite the folders no longer exist. I manually changed each and everyone of the “Allowed” virus to “Don’t Allowed” but they reverted back to “Allowed” again when I open Windows Security. The no longer existed folders have the “remove” option greyed out in the “Do Not Scan” list. I got nervous and scanned my PC using Windows Defender Offline mode, Microsoft Security Tool, Malwarebye, AVG and Kasperskey. All reported no virus found, yet the same virus and folders still appear on the “Allowed” and “Do Not Scan” list. I repeated the process again after deleting the contents in Windows Defender history folder in “Windows Data”. No virus found reported by all the programs, yet the same virus and phantom folders still are in the “Allowed” and “Do Not Scan” list in Windows Security.

I am leaning this being false positive/bug since three of the most well known third party anti-virus programs all said I am OK, but I am still uncomfortable having Windows Security reporting its back door is open. I read Windows 10 1H2020 update screwed up Windows Security but I could not google my problems as one of the bugs.

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