FWIW, I just received my Israeli "Green Passport".  It is distributed as a
PDF document, containing (plain text on a green background): Name (in Hebrew
and English), ID number, passport number, DOB, date of inoculation (which is
one week after receiving 2nd dose) and expiration date (6 months later).

Then there are details of each dose: Date, type (Pfizer), production
(BNT162b2, probably BioNtech), batch number, and health provider
organization which administered it.

There is also a QR code containing (in base64-encoded plain text) XML code
of the fields: "idType" (probably indicating Israeli ID or foreign
passport), "idNum", "certNum" (a hex value, which doesn't appear on the
card itself), "fullName" (in Hebrew only), "immunedSince" (date value)
"expirationDate" (date value).

It seems that the "certNum" field is an attempt at validation, but it's
unclear how it may be used.

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