This study proposes the first multiparty mediated semi-quantum secret sharing
(MSQSS) protocol to overcome two existing challenges in current semi-quantum
secret sharing protocols: (1) dealer must be the quantum user, and (2)
classical users must be equipped with Trojan horse detectors. In the proposed
MSQSS protocol, a classical dealer can share secrets with multiple classical
agents via the help of a dishonest quantum third party. Security analysis is
performed to prove that the proposed protocol cannot suffer from a collective
attack, a collusion attack, or a Trojan horse attack. Furthermore, the proposed
MSQSS protocol is more lightweight than existing SQSS protocols because the
classical user is equipped with only two quantum capabilities.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Chia-Wei Tsai</a>, <a href="">Chun-Wei Yang</a>, <a href="">Jason Lin</a>

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