Over the last years, the number of cyber-attacks on industrial control
systems has been steadily increasing. Among several factors, proper software
development plays a vital role in keeping these systems secure. To achieve
secure software, developers need to be aware of secure coding guidelines and
secure coding best practices. This work presents a platform geared towards
software developers in the industry that aims to increase awareness of secure
software development. The authors also introduce an interactive game component,
a virtual coach, which implements a simple artificial intelligence engine based
on the laddering technique for interviews. Through a survey, a preliminary
evaluation of the implemented artifact with real-world players (from academia
and industry) shows a positive acceptance of the developed platform.
Furthermore, the players agree that the platform is adequate for training their
secure coding skills. The impact of our work is to introduce a new automatic
challenge evaluation method together with a virtual coach to improve existing
cybersecurity awareness training programs. These training workshops can be
easily held remotely or off-line.

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