Hello, I come to you again because I have a file that came out of nowhere on my desktop called [Context_Types]. The only thing I’ve been downloading to my computer were PDFs from my university. Previously, I fell into the trap of paying for a software to eliminate a virus, that software is Spyhunter 5. It was not through email, only from a site that dealt with precisely that virus that it had and recommended this software, the link took me to the site official software and from there download it. I discovered that the same software is a Scareware. I removed it in time and with the help of a user I was able to “clean my computer”. I have not opened the file [Context_Types] for obvious reasons. I just know it’s called like that. I am afraid that it is something powerful and cannot do anything. I think after what happened to me with Spyhunter and this file that appeared, I will never touch a computer again. This distresses me a lot because I am not a bad person, just someone who wanted to solve a problem by relying on the internet and ended up screwing it up. Please help me.

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