[I am including the ToC for this issue of Bruce Schneier's CRYPTO-GRAM
  because it illustrates an incredible increase in the breadth and
  pervasiveness of serious security attacks.  FYI.  You might want your own
  subscription (it's free) if this is of interest to you.  PGN]

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     1. Cell Phone Location Privacy
     2. Injecting a Backdoor into SolarWinds Orion
     3. Sophisticated Watering Hole Attack
     4. SVR Attacks on Microsoft 365
     5. Insider Attack on Home Surveillance Systems
     6. Massive Brazilian Data Breach
     7. Dutch Insider Attack on COVID-19 Data
     8. Police Have Disrupted the Emotet Botnet
     9. New iMessage Security Features
     10. Including Hackers in NATO Wargames
     11. Georgia's Ballot-Marking Devices
     12. More SolarWinds News
     13. Another SolarWinds Orion Hack
     14. Presidential Cybersecurity and Pelotons
     15. NoxPlayer Android Emulator Supply-Chain Attack
     16. SonicWall Zero-Day
     17. Web Credit Card Skimmer Steals Data from Another Credit Card Skimmer
     18. Ransomware Profitability
     19. Attack against Florida Water Treatment Facility
     20. Medieval Security Techniques
     21. Chinese Supply-Chain Attack on Computer Systems

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