Well this is silly.

Basically any time i disable the anti virus (aka disabling all of the shields of 13) makes it so i cannot reach to the internet until i restart my computer. I tested this on my other computer and it had the same result expect for one expection it connected when i turned the shields on. This is clearly intentional since it is clear as sky. My laptop and my phone was always on the net when i was testing this out so it wasn’t my net just cutting off.

Question is, why? Like in what world this would make sense i cannot scratch my head around as a programmer. They clearly have a setting for inexperienced users for that this method would maybe a little bit make sense but ultimately it is really silly.

Windows and Avast is on their last updates, anyone knows how to fix this at all? Might go back to win10 defender and not have headaches beacuse of this.

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