Information set decoding (ISD) algorithms are the best known procedures to
solve the decoding problem for general linear codes. These algorithms are hence
used for codes without a visible structure, or for which efficient decoders
exploiting the code structure are not known. Classically, ISD algorithms have
been studied for codes in the Hamming metric. In this paper we switch from the
Hamming metric to the Lee metric, and study ISD algorithms and their complexity
for codes measured with the Lee metric over finite rings.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Violetta Weger</a>, <a href="">Massimo Battaglioni</a>, <a href="">Paolo Santini</a>, <a href="">Franco Chiaraluce</a>, <a href="">Marco Baldi</a>, <a href="">Edoardo Persichetti</a>

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