On August 6, 1991, without fanfare, British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee published the first-ever website while working at CERN in Switzerland. A few weeks before the arrival of Sir Tim’s world-changing innovation, a small team in Waterloo, Ontario officially incorporated OpenText, bringing to market technology to digitize, index, secure, manage and exchange the world’s most important and valuable asset – information. In 1991, information management was born!

The last 30 years have seen monumental changes across technology, society, and business; and the concept and practice of content management itself has changed immeasurably. From the digitization of the Oxford English Dictionary in 1991, to the first Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management in 2004, to the radical shifts in how people work in 2020, OpenText’s commitment to innovation has been instrumental in sustaining leadership through decades of change.

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