Domain name encryptions (DoTH and ESNI) have been proposed to improve
security and privacy while browsing the web. Although the security benefit is
clear, the positive impact on user privacy is still questionable. Given that
the mapping between domains and their hosting IPs can be easily obtained, the
websites a user visits can still be inferred by a network-level observer based
on the destination IPs of user connections. However, content delivery networks,
DNS-based load balancing, co-hosting of different websites on the same server,
and IP churn, all contribute towards making domain-IP mappings unstable, and
prevent straightforward IP-based browsing tracking for the majority of

We show that this instability is not a roadblock for browsing tracking
(assuming a universal DoTH and ESNI deployment), by introducing an IP-based
fingerprinting technique that allows a network-level observer to identify the
website a user visits with high accuracy, based solely on the IP address
information obtained from the encrypted traffic. Our technique exploits the
complex structure of most websites, which load resources from several domains
besides their own primary domain. We extract the domains contacted while
browsing 220K websites to construct domain-based fingerprints. Each
domain-based fingerprint is then converted to an IP-based fingerprint by
periodically performing DNS lookups. Using the generated fingerprints, we could
successfully identify 91% of the websites when observing solely destination
IPs. We also evaluated the fingerprints’ robustness over time, and demonstrate
that they are still effective at identifying 70% of the tested websites after
two months. We conclude by discussing strategies for website owners and hosting
providers to hinder IP-based website fingerprinting and maximize the privacy
benefits offered by domain name encryption.

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Author Of this post: <a href="">Nguyen Phong Hoang</a>, <a href="">Arian Akhavan Niaki</a>, <a href="">Phillipa Gill</a>, <a href="">Michalis Polychronakis</a>

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