Apple Wins Victory as North Dakota Votes Down Bill That Would Regulate App Stores
The North Dakota state senate voted 36-11 on Tuesday not to pass a bill that would have required app stores to enable software developers to use their own payment processing software and avoid fees charged by Apple and Google. From a report: The vote is a victory for Apple, which says that the App Store is a core part of its product and that its tight control over its rules keeps iPhone users safe from malware and scams. North Dakota’s bill is the first major U.S. state-level legislation to address the Apple and Google app stores, which take fees from app store sales up to 30%, including in-app purchases of digital items. If the state senate had passed it, it would still have been debated and voted on in the North Dakota house. The North Dakota bill targeted Apple’s fees by requiring companies that make more than $10 million per year in the state through app stores — essentially, just Apple and Google — would be required to offer alternative payment processors for purchases through the app store, allowing developers to avoid Apple or Google’s cut. It would only apply to companies based in North Dakota. Further reading, from last week: Apple Privacy Chief: North Dakota Bill ‘Threatens To Destroy the iPhone As You Know It’

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said: “The Coalition for App Fairness organized the outreach, lobbying, and developer participation. Can’t take credit for it, but Epic is proud to be a part of it!”

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