I’ve been stuck in purgatory with Bitdefender for a month trying to cancel my auto-renewal subscription.

I’ve been using Bitdefender for 5 years or so but have been having issues with the program and so I decided to look into other options and cancel my paid subscription. I contacted them via email a week ahead of my auto-renewal date, which was the only way to cancel that is available on their website. After not receiving confirmation of cancellation I received an invoice/receipt for the $90 for the renewal a week later.

I contacted the company to ask for a refund and instead of a refund I received an email offering to help solve my issues and offering an extension or reduced price. I replied to this email suggesting that I’d be open to extending the subscription if my issues, which I outlined, could be resolved. Days later I received a message stating that they hadn’t heard from me and suggesting that my membership would be continuing unless I responded. I responded at this time and asked for a full refund and cancellation.

Days later I again received another email saying that you had not received a reply from me, which I again repeated my request for cancellation and a full refund.

At this point after nearly a month since I first contacted their cancellation email I have now received a third email saying the same which tells me that this is a tactic used by their retention team to maintain customers through unethical methods and so I am moving forward and disputing the charges with the CC company.

Even if it’s not intentional it’s an obvious sign of poor service and incompetence at BEST. I’d never recommend Bitdefender.

If it is an intentional tactic it’s a sign that their company is unable to compete on the merits of their product and so the company deserves to go out of business.

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