How the NSA-led US Cyber Command Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day
Slashdot reader DevNull127 writes: The U.S. Cyber Command, headed by the National Security Agency’s director, has been a part of America’s Department of Defense since 2009.

Today this unified combatant command wished its followers on Twitter a happy Valentine’s Day, adding “As our gift to you, we present 12 crypto challenges designed by the information security community.

“Love is in the air, find it if you can. #BeOurValentine #cryptochallenge #VDayGifts.”

They shared a link to the official U.S. Cyber Command Valentine’s Day 2021 Cryptography Challenge Puzzles.

There are 12 tricky puzzles in all — 3 .jpgs, 6 .pngs, 2 .mp3s and a .bmp file — and I couldn’t solve a single one of ’em.

Each one has a hint — though that hint is just the number of words in the answer, as well as its number of characters.

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