Downloaded the Zip for CPU-Z from the official source and the 64bit exe is flagged on Virus Total here.

OCCT was flagged as suspicious by Hitman.Pro. Log here:

Program is altered or corrupted since it was code signed by its author. This is typical for malware and pirated software. Time indicates that the file appeared recently on this computer. Forensic Cluster -0.0s C:UsersJeffAppDataLocalTempOCCTCPULINPACKv2019 -0.0s C:UsersJeffAppDataLocalTempOCCTCPULINPACK -0.0s C:UsersJeffAppDataLocalTempOCCTCPULINPACKv2019libiomp5md.dll 0.0s C:UsersJeffAppDataLocalTempOCCTCPULINPACKv2019linpack.exe 0.1s C:UsersJeffAppDataLocalTempOCCTCPULINPACKv2019linpack-occt 

I’d greatly appreciate any help

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