On November 23, 2020, my phone notified me that there was a new software update available. As per usual, I would download the updated software and have a newer operating system for my Android A11. Well, this last time after downloading said updated software, some of my basic phone options stopped working.


My camera no longer was working. Every time I would go to open my camera application, it would automatically close itself out and display a message stating: “Security Policy Prevents Use Of Camera.” None of my other apps permitted me to use my camera either; I even went as far as going into the Google Play Store to download a different camera app and that didn’t work either! I then went and reviewed other people’s accounts of this bug from the new software update, and several other people were running into the same issue. I read about 20 different reviews and tried ALL of the recommendations, and to no avail of my own, I could NOT fix the issue. I was BEYOND frustrated and went without a working camera for about a month and a half.


A few weeks ago, I answered a phone call via Facebook Messenger. After answering the call, I said, “hello,” and the person on the other end kept saying, “hello? Hello…. Hello, are you there?” I realized that the person on the other end couldn’t hear me, but I could hear them. I looked online to see if anyone had the same issue; no search results turned up and I was then back to square one.


After trying all of the recommendations from other individuals, the only option that was left, was to factory reset my phone. So, after ensuring all of my cameras media/photos/videos were saved to a remote location(s), I factory reset my phone. The factory reset resolved both the camera issue and my microphone issue and everything works again.

So, if anyone runs into this same issue or issues, just know, you’re going to have to factory reset your phone. For the people that are on the latter, most of them will automatically assume that their phone is broken &/or malfunctioning and feel the need to have to go and purchase a new phone without thinking about a total factory reset. I do believe that either the cell phone companies, Android, or Microsoft (or all 3 collectively) are purposefully doing this with their software updates in order to negate people into purchasing more expensive/”upgraded” phones; it’s a scam. Please note, that before the update, my prepaid cell service thru Metro by T-Mobile had not been paid for almost 2 weeks (still not paid), and then after the new, “system update,” 2 of my basic phone functions just suddenly stop working? Coincidence? I think not.

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