CISOs faced a number of challenges in 2020, not the least of which was COVID-19 and the mass migration from onsite to remote work. Maybe for the first time, corporate leadership saw just how vital the security team is to ensuring the company runs, and runs smoothly, thus making 2020 the year when the CISO and cybersecurity teams went from the background to the very forefront of enabling organizational productivity.

In 2021, CISOs and their security teams can expect to continue to show how vital their role is from risk mitigation to ROI – as they tackle the combined challenges of supply chain hacks, ransomware, WFH, the rollout of 5G, and more.

The impact of supply chain hacks

Capping off the end of the year (and what a year!), CISOs enter 2021 trying to make sense of the SolarWinds hack and how it could impact their own organization. As CNET explained, “It’s a big coup for hackers to pull off a supply-chain attack, because it packages their malware inside a trusted piece of software.” Government agencies are the first targets we know about, but it appears dozens of other companies have been impacted. Those affected will spend the next several weeks and months figuring out how someone could go undetected for nearly a year in their system, and sorting out the damage.  

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